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Eric is a director, educator, actor, performance coach, and communication consultant.

About Eric


Eric has been acting professionally since he was in high school, where performed in theatre and improv comedy. His love of acting and improv led him to Chicago after graduating from The University of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill. In Chicago, immersed himself in the improv and sketch comedy scene and worked in Chicago theatre, before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue film and television work.

Eric has continued to diversify and expand his craft as his career evolved - working as a director, acting coach, and teacher of acting and improvisation at some of the most prestigious schools and studios in L.A. He’s worked with a wide range of actors, comedians, writers, performers and non-performers, including athletes, corporate clients, scientists, researchers, and academics.

Eric's acting and performance background is eclectic and wide ranging- he’s worked in contemporary and classical theatre, film, television, commercials, web series, music videos, sketch comedy, and performed improv comedy for two decades - including over fifteen years with the acclaimed ensemble The Reckoning, which formed in 2002 at Chicago’s Improv Olympic Theatre and continues to perform in L.A. and on tour.

Eric’s love of acting and the culture of class and rehearsal led him to his work as a director, acting teacher and private acting coach. As a director, hes’ worked in L.A., New York, Chicago, and at regional theatres. Reviews and writing about Eric’s projects have appeared in The New Yorker, Broadway World, Time Out, the L.A. Times, American Theatre magazine, and more.

He's taught at universities, prestigious acting studios, and led master classes and workshops at festivals and conferences across the country. He's worked with actors, directors, writers, athletes, business professionals, scientists, and many students of all ages and experience levels - ranging from series regulars and Broadway veterans to undergraduate students and novice performers.

In addition to working with performers and creatives, Eric is a specialist in science communication. He currently works with UC San Diego, where he trains graduate and undergraduate students, post-docs, researchers, and faculty members in science communication and interview skill




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