On-camera interview training at UC San Diego

On-camera interview training at UC San Diego

Communications Consulting + Training

Eric’s work as a communications trainer and consultant spans over a decade and includes workshops, seminars, university programs, and private client coaching sessions for corporate, academic, and individual clients.

He’s taught workshops on brainstorming, creative thinking, collaboration and team building, creative writing, sales techniques, conflict resolution, and multimedia presentations at well known corporations and educational institutions.

As a specialist in the rapidly growing field of science communication, Eric brings years of experience as a presenter, performer, writer, and collaborator to the challenges of science communication and presenting research to public audiences . Eric currently works as a consultant and trainer at UC San Diego, where he leads scientists, faculty, post-docs, and graduate students in multi-day science communication workshops. These workshops include public speaking, on-camera interview, and specific science communication training techniques, and build on the training Eric received at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science in Stony Brook, NY.

Customized private coaching is available for clients of all backgrounds and industries. Sessions are customizable to meet the client’s schedule, needs and goals and may include (but are not limited to): presentation and public speaking, interview and interview prep, and pitches, overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety, and using performance-based techniques to improve interpersonal communication skills.

To inquire about coaching, or to book a workshop for your organization or business, please use the Contact page.